Press Releases

U.S. launches world's largest Fulbright program for Pakistanis, February 10, 2012
Fifty-five young professionals prepare to depart for a year of study in the U.S., June 1, 2012
TEA teachers attend Pre-Departure Orientation, June 21, 2012
Pakistanis set to begin Master's and Ph.D. degree programs in the U.S. on the Fulbright Program, July 6, 2012
200 undergraduates travelling to the U.S. for a semester of study, July 18, 2012
USEFP encourages more Pakistani students to study in America, September 16, 2012
9th Annual Fulbright and Humphrey Alumni Conference concluded - alumni committed to promote tolerant society, November 11, 2012
USEFP celebrates International Education Week in Pakistan, November 15, 2012
Ambassador congratulates Pakistani exchange students, Islamabad, December 14, 2012
95 Pakistani students to embark on US-funded undergraduate study, July 6, 2013
Pakistani Fulbright participants encouraged to make a difference through their studies, July 3, 2013
First-hand assistance: 'Back to school fair' helps answer students' queries, September 16, 2013
Students attend education fair, September 16, 2013
U.S. Exchange Program Alumni Demonstrate Strong U.S. - Pakistan Ties, September 27, 2013
USEFP Celebrates International Education Week in Pakistan, November 20, 2013
USEFP Celebrates International Education Week in Pakistan, November 22, 2013
GRE preparation training workshop at UVAS
"The Pakistan Four" Premieres in Lahore, May 9, 2014
USEFP Promoting Friendly Ties between Pakistani and American People through Education - Rita Akhtar
Jang Press release about Fulbright program
South Asia Tour 2014
120 Students Realize Their Dream to Study in the United States through the Global UGRAD Program
U.S. Ambassador Olson Encourages 157 Pakistani Fulbright Participants to Give Back to Pakistan
U.S. Higher Education Opportunities Showcased at USEFP Back to School Fair
7 US universities visit Pakistan on EducationUSA South Asia Fall Tour 2014
Book Launch: Madness of Waiting
Fully-funded 2015 Fulbright Master's and PhD study in USA now open U.S. investment in Fulbright program in Pakistan is largest in the world
Pakistani Students Prepare for Year at U.S. Community Colleges
Youth will exchange ideas, values and experiences with Americans while learning new skills
Fulbright Center opens in Lahore to promote opportunities to study in the U.S.
80 Pakistani Students Begin Their Journey to the U.S for Higher Education.
Pakistani Students for Good Knowledge of Own Culture, says Senior U.S. Official
76 Young Pakistani Professionals to Study at U.S. Community Colleges
4,000 Pakistanis Studying in U.S. Government-funded English Language Programs in Pakistan: USEFP
USEFP group photo with the 147 Fulbright Program Grantees
CCIP Pre-departure Orientation photos
Fulbright 2015 - Press Release
Fulbright 2015 - Press Release (Urdu Version)
Press Release 2015 - CCIP
Press Coverage - Fulbright Re-entry Workshop
Press Release Community College Initiative Program 2016
Fulbright 2016 - Press Release
8.5% Rise in Number of Pakistani Students Studying in the United States
Pakistani School Counselors Learn about U.S. University Admissions Through Professional Development Tour
Pakistani Undergraduate Students Prepare for a Semester in the United States
Representatives of 23 U.S. Universities Visit Pakistan to Meet with Prospective Students
U.S. Educational Foundation in Pakistan Announces 2018 Fulbright Student (Master's and PhD) and Fulbright-HEC PhD Program
Young Pakistani Professionals Head to the United States to Study at Community Colleges
Pakistani School Counselors Learn about U.S. University Admissions Through Professional Development Tour
Pakistani students prepare to depart for U.S. graduate and post-graduate programs
173 Pakistanis Prepare to Begin Fulbright Studies and Research in the United States
Pakistani Students Prepare for a Semester at U.S. Universities
EducationUSA Career Pathways Tour Gives High School Students a Chance to Explore Careers and Majors at Colleges and Universities in USA
U.S. Universities: Seeking the Best and Brightest in Pakistan
International Education Week (IEW)
Global UGRAD Spring 2018 PDO
Fulbright Launch 2019

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