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The EducationUSA Advising Centers hosted by the USEFP are part of a global network of around 450 Advising Centers in more than 170 countries across the world. Advisers assist students with: 1) researching choices and preparing for standardized tests, 2) applying and securing admission, 3) financing education, 4) preparing for and securing the U.S. student visa, and 5) getting ready to go!

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Finance your Education

There are many ways to seek institutions in the U.S. that offer financial assistance to international students, there may also be limited scholarship and grant opportunities available to you; work with your educational adviser today to learn more. Click read more to learn more about ways to finance your education in the United States.

Getting a visa

Securing an F1-Student Visa may not be as complicated a process as you think; you are eligible to secure a U.S. student visas if you 1) Are a bona fide local student , 2) Have been honest about what you can afford to pay for your education and stay in the U.S, 3) Intend to return to Pakistan within the legal time-frame.

Undergraduate Applicants

You are considered an undergraduate applicant to the U.S. If you have completed 12 years of formal prior schooling (O & A Levels, Matriculation & Intermediate, or other local High School Equivalents). An undergraduate applicant may secure admission to associate's or bachelor's degree programs in the United States.

Graduate Applicants

You are considered a graduate applicant to the U.S. if you have completed 16-18+ years of formal prior schooling; a graduate applicant may secure admission to masters, doctoral or post-doctoral study programs in the United States.

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