Media Coverage

The 13th Annual Fulbright & Humphrey Conference
IEW 2016
South Asia Tour 2016
Career Pathways Tour 2016
Global UGRAD PDO Fall 2016
EducationUSA Pakistan Pre-departure orientation, June 30, 2016
EducationUSA Pakistan Counselors Tour, June 15, 2016
Fulbright Alumni's success stories
IEW Lahore 2015
Seminar on GRE, Fulbright Scholarship
South Asia Fall Tour 2015
Fulbright 2015 PDO
CCI Program PDO 2015 Media Coverage
The Fulbright 2016 Deadline Extension
The Humphrey 2016 Program Launch
EducationUSA's Tour of USA
U.S Doctors' Visit to Lahore
ED's interview on Dawn TV-with Naeem Bukhari
11th Annual Fulbright and Humphrey Alumni Conference
Meeting of ED with Minister Ahsan Iqbal:
GRE workshop
IEW-USEFP's Got Talent
USEFP Sponsors 26th PSA Scrabble Competition
Fulbright/GRE Orientations.
Fulbright/GRE Orientations.
Fulbright Re-entry Workshop 2014 - 2014 Pakistani Fulbright Student Reentry Highlights and Press Coverage
The Express Tribune Education Expo 2014
South Asia Tour Lahore
Advising Outreach Lahore
Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) PDO
The News Education Expo 2014
Advising PDO 2014
Fulbright PDO 2014
Back to School Fairs 2014
USEFP Executive Director:
Fulbright Program 2015 Media Launch
Lahore-Fulbright Center Inauguration
Dawn Education Expo 2014
Fulbright Alumnus Book Launch The Scatter Here is Too Great
South Asia Tour
May 9th, Lahore. Documentary film screening of "The Pakistan Four"

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