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months of July and August were busy with grantees departing for the U.S. Pre-departure Orientations (PDOs) were held to brief grantees about living and studying in the U.S. In all, eight PDOs were organized in these two months. The PDO event for Global Undergraduate grantees held on July 14 was honored by the presence of Ambassador Munter and his wife as chief guests. In August, more than 100 Global Ugrad students began their semester of study in the U.S. Fulbrighters, Humphrey Fellows, Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs), and Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) grantees also began departing. Fulbright interviews carried on throughout Ramadan. U.S. Embassy staff participated in record numbers with two embassy volunteers present on every interview day. Fulbright alumni were also invaluable in the process, screening applications as well as sitting on the interview panels.

From August 22-26, the EducationUSA Advising Team at USEFP (consisting of 13 full-time staff members across three cities) had the opportunity to meet for their annual planning and training session under the guidance of Ms. Kathleen Kisting Alam (REAC-SCA, Regional Educational Advising Coordinator for South and Central Asia) in the Islamabad head office. Ms. Lubna Anwar, Educational Adviser at the Lahore Consulate, was also able to participate. Advising Pakistan also broke new grounds using EdConnects technology for cross-regional training with the United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) advising department during these meetings. In addition to holding summer camps to guide students through the application process, USEFP launched SAT preparation classes in Islamabad. A variety of sessions were organized on the revised GRE with GRE prep classes now more focused on the new format.

Fulbright and Humphrey alumni are reminded to mark their calendars for 8th Annual Fulbright & Humphrey Alumni Conference to be held in Islamabad on October 7-9, 2011 on the theme of ďGiving back: The role of Fulbright and Humphrey Alumni in the economic and social development of Pakistan." Plan to join us!



Mark your calendars for the upcoming 8th Fulbright and Humphrey Annual Alumni Conference

"Everything about President Lincoln has already been investigated so I turned to a relatively unexplained part of world," says Dr. Nichols

Fulbright alumna presents paper at the First London
Film & Media Conference 2011, also chairs a panel

Lahore chapter alumni get together on Independence Day

Fulbright alumnus receives HEC Best University Teacher Award

Islamabad chapter meets




Fulbright Scholars and Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows depart for U.S.

More than 100 undergrads begin their semester of study in the U.S.

Ambassador Munter and his wife, Dr. Wyatt congratulate
departing UGRAD grantees

Vibrancy of Pashtuns always neglected in history books - Dr. Robert Nichols

One studentís journey from small-town Balochistan to Harvard University

Pakistani teachers head to the U.S. on the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program

Visiting USA was wonderful: a CCI grantee shares his experience

Global UGRAD-Pakistan fellow updates

USEFP launches SAT preparatory classes in Islamabad

Advising centers in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi conduct seminars on Revised GRE

USEFPís EducationUSA advising team annual meeting and training 2011

Summer camps on higher education conclude

USEFP signs MoU with Balochistan University


50% discount on revised GRE - Donít miss this opportunity!

Revised GRE mock test facility is now available!

GRE General Test concludes

Dates to remember Ė upcoming test schedules



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