Donald Kirk 

U.S. Fulbright Specialist, Don Kirk, addressing the 
audience at his TALK on “Covering Foreign News in a 
Dangerous World.” 


Fulbright Talks 

Journalists listen in during Fulbright Talk “Covering 
Foreign News in a Dangerous World” hosted by 
independent journalist and correspondent, Donald Kirk. 


USEFP Islamabad 

Lahore Fulbright and Humphrey Alumni Chapter have an 
informal talk with industrialist Mohsin Syed. 




Fulbright TALKS w/ Donald 
Kirk: Covering Foreign News 
in a Dangerous World 


February 25, Islamabad: USEFP held 
another important discussion with 
independent journalist, correspondent, noted 
author and scholar, Donald Kirk.  The focus of 
his lecture was Covering Foreign News in a 
Dangerous World
, referencing the challenges 
faced by journalists in the current state of 
turbulence and insecurity in the international 

The topics covered include hazards of 
confronting correspondents, physical and 
personal, realities of censorship, intimidation, 
technical issues and the impact of the 24-
hour news cycle.  He also touched upon 
shifting interests among editors and readers 
including the revolution of technology and 
how it impacts covering foreign news at a 
global level. The audience comprised of 
journalists and media personnel from a wide 
range of news outlets across Pakistan.  Also 
in attendance were journalism students. 

 “One purpose of discussions like these, 
would be to provide a reality check on what 
young journalists are likely to face as they go 
to work overseas, whether on their own, for 
foreign local newspapers or for international 
news organizations,” explained Kirk. 

Kirk’s appointments as a correspondent also 
correlated with the publication of various 
books on Southeast Asian politics, business 
and culture.  He was a Fulbright-Nehru senior 
researcher, affiliated with Jawaharlal Nehru 
University working on a project regarding 
Indian foreign policy.  As a Fulbright senior 
research scholar to Manila, he wrote, Looted: 
The Philippines After the Bases
.  Kirk holds a 
Master’s degree from the University of 
Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts degree from 
Princeton University. 

For detailed list of his publications and 
research, visit: 



Fulbright – Humphrey Alumni 
Meet Chairman of National 
Industrial Parks 


January 31, Lahore: The Lahore Alumni 
Chapter organized an informal talk over lunch 
with Mohsen Syed, Chairman of National 
Industrial Parks, Pakistan.  Several Lahore 
based Fulbright and Humphrey alumni 
attended the luncheon and took the 
opportunity to discuss problems surrounding 
economic growth and industrialization in 

The alumni used the occasion to discuss 
issues ranging from vocational education, 
development sector initiatives, power 
shortages and human resource development 
projects.  Of particular concern were 
manpower training projects pertaining to 
hydropower projects in Pakistan.  With skilled 
workers looking for jobs in the Middle East, 
Mr. Syed recommended training and 
grooming of manpower at various industrial 
levels to address this resource gap.  The 
Chairman also briefed them on Pak-German 
human resource development projects which 
focus on income generation and the ongoing 
USAID project which focuses on training 2000 
milk-women to take care of the livestock in 
Chiniot and Sheikupura districts.  

The alumni were intrigued by the projects 
initiated and shared ideas on possible 
collaborations in the future.  “By 
incorporating his recommendations on 
training and developing local human resource 
potential, Pakistan can build a skilled 
workforce for strong, sustainable and 
balanced economic growth,” commented, 
Fulbright alumnus and Director at AMS 
Power, Talal Shahid.   

Mr. Syed is responsible for setting up various 
industrial zones throughout Pakistan for the 
Punjab and Federal governments over the 
past decade.  He serves as an advisor to PAF 
Kamra on aviation projects and is a member 
of the Board of Governors / Syndicate at Air 
University Islamabad and at the University of 
Central Punjab, Lahore.  

Syed also briefed the alumni about the 
aviation training in Pakistan that follows the 
international rules, regulations, and 
guidelines for maintaining the standards. 

USEFP Outreach Extends to 
Karachi Universities  


26 February 2015, Karachi: USEFP organized 
its yearly outreach to various universities in 
Karachi this spring.  Fulbright orientation 
sessions and follow-up meetings with senior 
academic administrators took place at four 
separate universities.  The meetings were 
part of a consolidated outreach initiative by 
USEFP to engage deserving students from 
under represented universities in the province 
of Sindh and to support their efforts to 
compete for the Fulbright scholarship 

Covering a wide-range of subject areas, 
USEFP leadership visited Sindh Madressatul 
Islam University (SMI), the Institute of 
Business Administration (IBA), Indus Valley